Romana Verdel was born in Remschenig/Remcenik in 1938 in the bilingual part of Carinthia/Koroska. Her familiy belonged to the Slovenian minority. Together with her mother Anna Rotter and other relatives, she lived at the house of Katarina Sluga, her politically engaged aunt and founder of the antifascist women’s association. Being accused of a critical attitude towards National Socialism and network activities, some relatives join the Slovene partisans in 1943. Romana remains undiscovered by the Gesatpo and is being hidden with the children by her aunt Amalija, who also joins the partisans in the mountains and in Solcava in the valley Logartal. In April 1944, Amalija returns to Carinthia/Koroska. Roman is being taken in at a farmhouse and survives war there. 13 of her relatives fall with the partisans or die in concentration camps. The orphan Romana stays as a maid in the farm and later moves to the farmhouse of her partents in Remschenig/Remcenik. For 20 years, she suffers from anaemia. By and by, her life becomes more normal, but »when a child suffers from war and even is lucky enough to survive – the fear remains all your life«.
interview team GAJ Youth Team
camera team Pulse-team
date of interview 2007-01-13
We protected the partisans so much when we were kids; they were our friends and the Germans were our enemies.

Romana Verdel (born in 1938)

Remschenig (Austria)