Lucien Ducastel was born on August 28th,1920 in Darnetal. Soon he joins the Communist Youth Movement. As a member of the Communist Party (which was banned along with other Youth organisations and Workers) his activities consist of raising awareness of the French population regarding the occupation by distributing leaflets, especially at the factory gates, and hanging up posters protesting against the occupation and the Vichy government. He is arrested at his parents home in Petit-Quevilly by the French police on October 21st,1941 and taken to the prison in Rouen, from where he is transported to the Camp of Compiègne, a hostages camp, along with a hundred comrades. After eight months of imprisonment in the camp of Compiègne he is deported to Auschwitz on July 6th,1942. This transport will later on be called the convoi of the 45000s, as the deportees of this convoy, essentially political opponents, will be registered in Auschwitz with the numbers 45157-46326. Lucien gets the number 45491. He is one of the few that will ever return to France. Upon his arrival, Lucien Ducastel is transferred to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where he will stay for 8 months before returning to the Stammlager Auschwitz I. From there he will be transferred to Gross-Rosen in August 1944 and afterwards to Dora-Mittelbau, where he will finally be liberated. After a long recovery he returns to his work on construction sites and takes up his political activities in the French Communist Party and the Workers Union as well. He starts a family and moves to Nanterre in the 50s, where he still lives today. He is an active member of a association called « Mémoire vive » (alive memory) and visits school classes to talk about his experience during the war. This activity is extremely important to him.
interview team Katja Sporbert
camera team Pulse-team
date of interview 2006-12-01
You are young people. Don’t fight with each other. Be collegial. Be friends because you don’t know what the tomorrow will be like.

Lucien Ducastel (1920 - 2012)

1940 - 1945: Darnétal (France)
Unarmed Resistance

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