Lorenz Knorr was born on July 18th 1921 in Eger (CSSR), today called Cheb. He was the son of functionaries of the labour movement. Before WW2, he was a member of the social democratic party of the CSSR. During Nazi-rule, he participated in spreading information, publications, acts of sabotage on armament- and war-transports as well as in blowing up ammunition depots. He was called up for the German Wehrmacht and in 1942; he came in front of a court martial for undermining military strength. He was sent to a punishment battalion in Africa. Here, as well as later in occupied Poland, he found ways of antifascist action. From 1947-1950, he was county secretary of the Socialist Youth Germany and from 1950-1960 he was their federal secretary. In 1960, he left the social democrat party in protest, being opposed to its affirmation of the NATO-policies. Due to this, he took part in founding the German Peace Union.
interview team DGB-Jugend Hessen
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date of interview 2007-01-30
You would deliberately throw a spanner in the works, as long as you could and as long as you could breathe.

Lorenz Knorr (born in 1921)

1938 - 1945: Eger, Cheb (Czech Republic), Bayreuth (Germany), Aussig (Czech Republic), Ostrov (Czech Republic), Spa (Belgium)
Armed Resistance