Male, born on 19th of April, 1924 in Šentjanž (Rečici ob Savinji), Slovenia, Catholic. Prior to WWII, Ivan Srčnik was a member of the SKOJ, the association of young communists of Yugoslavia. Following the German occupation of Lower Styria, he was forcibly mobilized in the German Army in 1942 and sent to the Russian front. He was captured by the Red Army in Bakaleja. At the end of December 1943, he left the POW camp at Kolomina and, as a combatant of the Yugoslav battalion, headed towards Yugoslavia. He fought on the Yugoslav front as a member of the Yugoslav resistance movement up to the liberation.
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date of interview 2006-11-23
The Tchetniks attacked us from behind and they massacred the Partisans, all from behind our line. We lost 700 men in one night and one day.

Ivo Srcnik (1924 - 2017)

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1943 - 1945: Rečica (Croatia)
Armed Resistance

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Yugoslav Resistance Movement