Giovanna Quadreri was born in Carpineti (RE) on 14 July 1928. She now lives in Reggio Emilia. She was involved in the partisan struggle from September 1944 until the Liberation, operating between Reggio Emilia and the mountains near the city. Giovanna Quadreri, whose battle names were »Giorgio« and »Libertà«, acted as a dispatch rider in this area, taking care of communications between the Resistance movement city headquarters, the 284thFiamme Verdi Brigade »Italo« – a catholic unit operating in the area of Toano (RE) – and the central headquarters in the Appennini near Reggio. From the beginning of 1945 she joined a special unit called »Gufo Nero« (Black Owl), which received orders directly from the central headquarters of the mountains and took care of communications with the Allied battalion led by Major Lees, a British officer.
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I will join the partisans from Carpineti because i wanted the war to end.

Giovanna Quadreri (born in 1928)

alias name
Giorgio, Libertá

1944 - 1945: Carpineti (Italy)
Armed Resistance, Unarmed Resistance, Partisan

resistance groups
284° Brigata Fiamme Verdi »Italo«, Special Unit »Gufo Nero«