Giacomo Notari was born in Busana (RE) on December 6th 1927. Today he still lives in this small village in the mountains near Reggio Emilia. After having witnessed several innocent people killed by the fascists, he was still very young when he decided to become a partisan. After the 8th of September 1943 he joined the 145th Garibaldi Brigade »Franco Casoli«, operating in the mountains near Reggio in the area of Ligonchio, Busana and Cervarezza. His battle name was »Willi«. He took part in several sabotages of bridges and telephone poles, as well as in the last great battle to defend the Ligonchio hydroelectric power plant, from 10 to 14 April 1945.
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date of interview 2006-12-19
Well, did I kill somebody... We did shoot, but then knowing if we killed them for sure is another story.

Giacomo Notari (born in 1927)

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1943 - 1945: Busana (Italy)
Armed Resistance, Partisan

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145° Brigata Garibaldi »Franco Casoli«