Alenka graduated in 1941 and became a painter. She was on vacation in Ljubljana when Germany attacked the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (6 April 1941). The Kingdom of Yugoslavia capitulated 17 days after Germany’s attack and this was a huge disappointment for Alenka. Ljubljana, situated in the Italian occupied zone, was the centre of the resistance movement and headquarters for Partisans. Following the arrest of her father in early 1944, she had to go into underground. After four months in hiding, she left Ljubljana and joined the partisans in the summer of 1944. She worked in the partisans print, with graphics, leaflets, posters and propaganda. She was active as a cultural worker and created scenes for several plays. Alenka married Vito Globočnik, also a Partisan, but lost him soon after the war due to illness. The most beautiful day in her life was the day she returned to a liberated Ljubljana, on 9th May 1945. Alenka worked as a teacher of art up until her retirement, and since then has been painting landscapes.
interview team INZ Youth Group
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date of interview 2006-01-15
It was the Italian occupiers who gunned down every liberation movement. They shot so many innocent hostages.

Alenka Gerlovic (1919 - 2010)

1944 - 1945: Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Partisan, Unarmed Resistance

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Liberation Front