Participate and contribute

Interested persons or groups are welcome to participate actively in the extension if the European Resistance Archive. This participation is the condition for ERA to become a multilingual archive of eyewitness interviews coming from entire Europe.

Help us to record, document and publish the memories of the last still living women and men of the antifascist resistance.

Up to now, the ERA-project partner have prepared, recorded and translated 20 interviews in Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France and Germany.

A direct participation in the project would be immediately possible for those having experiences with translating. You can subscribe for translating an interview or text and we'll come back to you soon as possible - usually within two or three days.

Subscribe for participating in the ERA project

For schools, history- and language classes or studying groups, a variety of possible interdisciplinary project works can result from ERA.

If you would like to add an interview completely documented to ERA, a couple of steps are required: historical research, interview of an eyewitness, transcription of the chosen clips, translation of the transcription into English, research of pictures, short biography of the eyewitness and so on. In many places, already recorded interviews of protagonists of the resistance are kept. This material could be consolidated and documented for ERA. School projects for example could be organised interdisciplinary between the different age groups.